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edit-Bear Basket Closeup of handle and lid
Bear Basket Vicki holding
Basket for Paris in MT full basket
Montana Basket Chuck Senters brother and sister in law


The cross lays beautifully upon this basket that is now first in Texas, but will ultimately end up in New Mexico as a house warming gift from one family member to another. Pictured on right is John and Robin; the basket in it's new home!  


Basket in New Mexico -

Thank you Senter family!

Elk Basket -

The majestic elk of Montana 

were the inspiration behind this basket!

Tom, of Wisconsin, graced this basket with beautiful pheasant feathers taken from a hunt in South Dakota.

Thank you Tom!



"Pictures don't do it justice, this thing is beautiful!  A great value for as many hours and as much work as she puts in one."




Remake of Squirrel Basket -

This cute little basket was recreated for Linda here in Ohio.

Thank you Linda!



This Boxer themed basket is now in Montana in the hands of a lovely lady, my sister-in-law, that has blessed me and my youngest son beyond measure with her vast health and medical knowledge! 

In Montana - Thank you, Paris!


The cherry wood boxer basket center, special ordered and engraved by my friend Peter in the England, is of fantastic quality.  He did a beautiful job as always! 

Thank you, Peter!

(Click image on right to visit his shop)



These custom made Montana Ponderosa Pine Needle baskets are a labor of love for me! 


I spend anywhere from 40-60+ hours on each one, and that doesn't include gathering, sorting, cleaning and prepping the needles. They are rough sewn and as natural as possible.

I work with each person purchasing a basket to select beads, pendants and a style that best fits your likes (see "Basket Accessories in TABS above). 


This is my tangible Montana! 

Baskets start at $350 + Shipping- depending on size chosen.

(Payments can be made by clicking "Donate" button below)

Montana Ponderosa Pine Needle Baskets - Pg. 2


Squirrel Basket -

This little basket, with a lid, seems to be the favorite! 

It's cute little squirrel charm adds a bit of 'wildlife.'  




My beautiful sister received this little bear basket for her birthday. The Picasso Jasper beads ran around the basket and the rustic inlaid yak bone mala beads hung behind the bear pendant in front.  The bear center adds a nice surprise once the lid is opened.  This basket was one of my favorites once it was completed.  

Happy Birthday, Sis!

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